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Now is the time to reach new heights of recognition by earning the Professional Operator (PO) certification and designation with special rebates and chances to win this spring!

To maintain the rigor and relevancy of the credential, the PO Program is pilot testing new exams from May 1 through June 30, 2017. Because a concentrated volume of candidates is needed in order to quickly complete psychometric studies and finalize exam scores, C2EP is offering limited-time application rebates and prizes – don’t miss this unique opportunity to join other industry leaders in becoming PO Trail Blazers!

Each Professional Operator certification candidate who tests during the exam pilot period will receive a $145 USD Application Rebate initiated, as a credit to the card used at the time of application, within two weeks of completing the exam. Those who pass the exam and achieve their PO designations during this time will also be entered to win:
  • One of six PO Merchandise Packages enabling new POs to proudly display their new designation through a variety of PO-branded gear, and 
  • One of two POWER Event Prize Packages – an opportunity to participate in an industry POWER event celebrating Professional Operators at either WEFTEC 2017 or ACE18. Each package includes a full conference registration as well as a $1,000 USD travel stipend to be issued at the event.* Check out the video  at right to see what it’s like to be a part of a POWER celebration.
Utilities and other organizations employing POs are also eligible for rewards this spring! Learn more.

Plan ahead to ensure your PO application is received and approved before the exam pilot window – application by April 15th is encouraged.

1. Build Your Professional Profile
First, you’ll need to document your education, work history, and any certifications you hold in the online PO Portal. Visit to register for your free account and begin building your profile. You can also check out eligibility criteria and application process details by choosing your certification of interest here.

2. Apply 
Once your professional profile is complete, click “Apply for Certification” in your PO Portal to automatically build your PO application. A $145 USD credit card payment will be required to submit your application, but this will be returned to your card within two weeks of you completing your exam during the exam pilot window.

3. Test
Once your application is confirmed for eligibility, you will receive an email with instructions to schedule your exam at a PSI/AMP test center location, day, and time of your choice. An exam sitting fee will be due to PSI/AMP at this time ($67 USD in the US or $95 USD in Canada). Be sure to choose a date between May 1 and June 30, 2017 to qualify for the $145 USD application rebate. Because this exam pilot is being conducted to ensure candidates’ exams are scored correctly, you will not receive your exam score immediately.

4. Be Rewarded!
An application rebate will be initiated within two weeks of each test completed during the exam pilot window. Exam scores will be finalized and released in late July (or sooner, if 100 candidates test before June 30) – PO certifications will also be issued to passing candidates at this time. Winners of the PO Merchandise Packages and POWER Event Prize Packages will be drawn no later than August 31, 2017.

Just ask!
+1 (515) 232-3623

*Two Professional Operator winners will be drawn at random from eligible entrants. By accepting the travel prize, winner agrees to participate in the event, to allow the use of his/her image, and to pay any applicable taxes. WEFTEC 2017 is scheduled for October 2-4, 2017 in Chicago, IL; AWWA ACE18 is scheduled for June 11-14, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.

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