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John Solvie has worked for the City of Las Vegas as a pretreatment program regulator since 1990, and has served on the Nevada Water Environment Association’s Certification Board since 2004. 

His valued history with ABC began in 2001 as a regulatory subject matter expert on the Industrial Waste Treatment Validation & Examination Committee, a position which soon led to him being appointed the committee’s Chair.  John then served on ABC’s Board for seven years and became Board President in 2010.  In 2013, he was awarded the Harris F. Seidel Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding lifetime contribution to advancing the cause of certifying environmental professionals.  John now serves as the 
C2EP Chair, where he continues to ensure ABC not only meets today’s rigorous psychometric standards, but also sets those standards.

Outside of his exceptional service to ABC, John can be found participating in various hobbies including hiking, photography, mixing live sound, and cheering for the Green Bay Packers.


Mike Wentink is a Training and Licensing Officer for the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health.  Since 2002, his many duties have included reviewing and approving continuing education, examination, and licensing eligibility; developing exams; and delivering education and training for both the Water Operators and the Backflow Preventer Testing and Repair Technicians.

In 2001, Mike accepted a request from ABC to participate in the Water Treatment Validation & Examination Committee.  His involvement grew throughout the years and today, he serves as 
C2EP’s Vice Chair and also volunteers his time and talents as a member of the Distribution Scheme Committee.  In addition to his dedication to ABC, Mike has been very involved with the Nebraska AWWA, serving on various committees and receiving the AWWA George Warren Fuller Award in 2008.

In his free time, Mike enjoys fishing, hunting with his bird dogs, and visiting his brother’s elk camp.


Cheryl is a senior water system operator for Seattle Public Utilities where she has served for nearly 31 years.  During her tenure, she has had dozens of roles and responsibilities making her an invaluable asset to her community.  In addition to being a Professional Operator, she holds a Water Distribution Manager 4 certification in Washington State and is a certified Wastewater Collection Specialist.

Cheryl describes the most exciting time in her career when flood waters ravaged her service area, shutting down one of the primary treatment plants.  She and her team worked diligently to find and implement innovative solutions to operate the system under these emergency conditions.  Despite losing 30 percent of their supply, they were still able to service the 1.4 million customers without interruption


Lonn Rasmussen is the Operations and Maintenance Supervisor for the Cottonwood Improvement District in Sandy, Utah, where he uses his 31 years of collection experience to supervise 20 employees in their day-to-day operation and maintenance of the collection system. He strives to educate the district’s employees on the importance of their role, giving them a greater sense of responsibility and accomplishment. In addition, he coordinates the pretreatment program and oversees the purchasing, safety, and training for the district. Lonn has also been very involved with the Water Environment Association of Utah, serving as President from 2002-2003, and receiving the WEAU Supervisor Award in 2011. 

Lonn first became involved with ABC while serving on Utah’s Certification Council. ABC was conducting a search for volunteers and Lonn readily responded, using his expert knowledge to review and revise exam questions. Currently, Lonn is the Collection Operations Commissioner for 
C2EP and has served as Chair of ABC’s Collection Scheme Committee since 1996. He maintains a class IV wastewater collections operator certification and has an Advanced Safety Certificate from the National Safety Council.  

In his free time, Lonn can be found in the great outdoors of Utah enjoying camping, fishing, and hunting with his family, and spoiling his grandkids. He has also tackled the challenge of restoring a 1940 Ford pickup and welcomes any and all help.


Andrew Houlihan is a certified Class IV Lead Operator with Halifax Water at the Bennery Lake Water Treatment Plant in Nova Scotia and has been employed in water system operations since 2000. He also maintains certification as a Certified Engineering Technologist. Andrew became involved with ABC after attending an AWWA Top Ops competition, where a former ABC president encouraged him to become a volunteer. Andrew now shares his valuable water treatment expertise as Water Treatment Scheme Committee Chair and Water Treatment Operations Commissioner for C2EP.  He also serves on the ABC Conference Committee and ABC Non-Core Program Review Commission, and helped define ABC’s Model Standards of Operator Certification as a member of the Model Standards Task Force.

As he continues his work with water system operations, Andrew hopes to see the operator position be elevated to the professional stature it deserves, as he believes operators are on the front line of public health. He envisions that an operator’s certification will one day be valid through reciprocity everywhere in North America.

Andrew and his wife Tanya have two wonderful boys, Jordan and Luke. In addition to spending time with his family and friends, Andrew enjoys mountain biking, fishing, and working on classic cars, including his very own 1972 Plymouth Duster. Andrew also volunteers his time as a Scout leader and has coached youth soccer and basketball.


LeAnna Risso currently serves as the Assistant Manager of Process Control at the Clark County Water Reclamation District Wastewater Treatment Plant.  She also coordinates the College of Southern Nevada’s Water and Wastewater degree programs.

LeAnna’s involvement with ABC includes serving as 
C2EP’s Wastewater Treatment Operations Commissioner, and serving as a member of the Wastewater Treatment Scheme Committee.  In addition to volunteering with ABC, LeAnna maintains a class IV wastewater treatment operator certification, as well as a class II wastewater laboratory analyst certification. 


Jim Kincaid has been a Senior Financial Associate for J.P. Morgan Chase in Jacksonville, Florida since 2013, where he provides functional oversight to various organizations within the company’s Correspondent Mortgage Division. In addition, he serves as the liaison between the Finance and Operations departments on projects, business initiatives, budget performance, and productivity and capacity planning. Jim is a Six Sigma Green Belt, Commissioned FDIC Bank Examiner, Certified Collection Manager, member of the North Florida Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors, and is a recipient of the Wachovia Shared Service Division Diamond Award for Excellence.

Jim’s interest with ABC was sparked by discussions with longtime colleague and ABC CEO, Paul D. Bishop. He was impressed by Paul’s enthusiasm with the Association, and saw C2EP’s Public Commissioner position as an opportunity to grow with and provide support to the organization. As Public Commissioner, Jim’s focus will be to absorb as much knowledge as possible about the Association, as well as key issues facing the water industry, ensuring he is able to best represent the public interest and concerns.

When Jim isn’t busy adding his unique insights to ABC/C2EP, he enjoys playing basketball and tennis, and coaches youth sports.


Biography coming soon!


Paul D. Bishop, CAE, has served as the chief executive officer of ABC since February 2008. Paul is an energetic business leader with more than 20 years of experience in the private, government, and not-for-profit sectors.

Paul has actively engaged ABC leadership and staff to advance the quality and integrity of environmental certification programs and expanded ABC membership to include organizations and individuals from across the globe. Under Paul’s leadership, ABC has developed industry-recognized standardized exams, created an independent commission to enhance program integrity, established a professional designation for water and wastewater operators, and established the water industry’s first comprehensive, uniform standards for operator certification programs.

Paul attained his Certified Association Executive credential in 2011, the hallmark of committed association professionals. He holds a B.S. degree in Political Science from Nebraska Wesleyan University.

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C2EP is committed to protecting public health and the environment through certification and professional designation of water industry professionals.
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