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The passing score for PO Water Treatment certification examinations is 70 out of 100. This passing score has been established from a base form of the respective credentialing examination using a modified Angoff procedure. This accepted psychometric procedure uses the judgments of content experts to determine the number of correct answers required to achieve the passing score for the examination.


Computer-based exams are scored automatically upon completion of the exam. The candidate will leave the AMP Assessment Center on test day with a printed score report for his or her records. The score report includes:

·     A photograph of the candidate,
·     The candidate name,
·     Examination date,
·     Examination name,
·     Examination provider,
·     Score earned, and
·     A breakdown of candidate performance on each job duty outlined in the PO Water Treatment Need-to-Know Criteria.

General instructions based on the score that the candidate received are also provided toward the bottom of the report. Candidates should retain a copy of the report for a record keeping purpose as there is a fee to request a duplicate copy.

The score report can be utilized to identify areas for improvement by cross-referencing the breakdown of candidate performance on each job duty with the detailed PO Water Treatment Need-to-Know Criteria.


On rare occasions, circumstances may make examination scores invalid. C2EP and AMP reserve the right to cancel or withhold any examination scores if, in their sole opinion, there is cause to question the validity of the scores. Potential reasons scores may be canceled or invalidated include:

  1. Doubts raised about the validity of candidates’ scores because of suspected misconduct; in such circumstances, candidates must cooperate with the investigation of their scores. If scores are canceled because of suspected candidate misconduct, C2EP will investigate such matters to determine if candidates will be eligible for re-examination.
  2. Circumstances beyond the candidate’s control, such as mistiming or emergency. C2EP and AMP will investigate such situations. When such occurrences result in the cancellation of a candidate’s scores, C2EP is notified that there are no reportable scores for reasons beyond the candidate’s control. C2EP and AMP will determine further action.
  3. C2EP may cancel or invalidate examination results if, upon investigation, C2EP policies are found to have been violated.


Once a candidate has passed the examination, his or her certification will be automatically processed and the candidate will be provided with appropriate documentation of certification and professional designation within 30 days of the examination pass date. The certification will remain active for two years; see PO Water Treatment Recertification for information on maintaining certification.


Failing candidates will receive an examination retake notice. Candidates may repeat an examination by submitting the appropriate fee to AMP and scheduling their next attempt, though applicants for examination retake must wait 30 days before sitting for the same type and class of examination. Applicants may apply to retake an exam as often as every 30 days within the 180-day exam eligibility window; after this limit has been reached for one certification application, the applicant will be required to reapply for PO Water Treatment certification, including payment of applicable fees, before being allowed another attempt at the exam.

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C2EP is committed to protecting public health and the environment through certification and professional designation of water industry professionals.
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